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ering me watch TV!!!!!" "That you put the television sound a bit up!!!!!" He disgruntled du mouth. "I......" "Have nothing to say! My fiancee, bye!!" And he is going to close. "Don't!" I drink a way. "You sWinter Coat Saletill want tJuicy Couture Tracksuitso do?" He asked. "I......" "Cha!" The house of the all the lights went out. Cold and the advantage of this word is the door shut. Looking around the top of the dark room, I was back to the room one horn, crouching in the cWinter CoatJuicy Couture Handbagssorner. Although I create the Mafia, but that no relation with the black! When I was a child have a friend to play with her locked me in a dark room, until after half a day to give I open the door, and after that, I will never compleJuicy Couture WatchestWinter Jacketsely in the dark room, and sleep with the lamp open. Think at that time, my tears and involuntary to stay, angry shout loudly: "this is what lousy school? Poor even electricity all didn't? I want to transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!Moncler Coats!!! Transfer" "Coach Outlet OnlineCheep!" I can hear it, is cold vision of the door open and the room, he said: "feed, you how?" With sound, I do not regard, rushed to his side, crying, in this moment, think he's arms is the most warJuicy Couture Bagsm. "Lovely, don't cry. What's wronchristian louboutin irelandg?" Cold and gentle vision said. "Black! I afraid of the dark!!!!!!" I cried. "Good, come, come here." He guided me to his room. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Big night yMoncler Jacketsou don't sleep, ah?" "No! I'm afraid of the dark, can't sleepCoach Factory Outlets!" "Rest assured, I have been in your side." He caresses put on my head, gentle said. He picked me up and put it in the bed, for I cover yourself up, aOakley Sunglasses Cheapnd just sit beside the bed. Because be afraid, I always took him a hand, he also dchristian louboutin saleidn't loosen, so, I just sleep peacefully in....... The next day I woke up and found sleeping beside the cold and vision, just Cheap Oakley Sunglasseswant to tread him, suddenly remind of yesterday evening, look at his own hand, still in his hand in the hechristian louboutin outletart. Red of face. While this time, to observe him, and fell asleep, he is less a bully, much one minuJuicy Couture Backpackste cute, little points indifference, much one minute gentleness. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at me, I was shocked. To sayWinter Clothes: "you... why?" "I am handsome!" He said the narcissism. "Bah! Narcissistic!" "Then whyJuicy Couture Outlet are you looking at me?" "I......" He held out a hand, scrath the my nose, said: "not miss big will also afraid of the dark!" "That's not......" SCoach Outleto, I gave him said the occasion...... After hearing, he thoughtful nodded aCheap Oakleynd smiled: "original or happens for a reason!!!!! "Product dong......" Again someone knocking at the door. "I'm going to open the door." He said the cold visichristian louboutin shoeson.christian louboutin ireland Shoes 124Just open Moncler Outletthe

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